As Joe Biden’s presidential Victory Could Lead to more Calls for Cannabis Decriminalization, American Premium Water Corp. (HIPH) is Expanding its Global Footprint

Legal cannabis has never looked more likely in the United States. Investors are clearly hopeful with a Democrat in the White House. November has delivered a triple-whammy of great news for cannabis stocks: Several states legalized the use of recreational marijuana, Joe Biden’s presidential victory could lead to more calls for decriminalization.

Industry executives are clearly happy about the election outcomes at both the federal and state levels. The chief executive officer of Canopy, which has the financial backing of Corona owner Constellation Brands (STZ), was particularly upbeat about what the changes in the political landscape might mean for the industry.

“We believe the Biden win is an important step on the path to federal permissibility of cannabis in the U.S. market through decriminalization and descheduling,” said Canopy CEO David Klein on a conference call with analysts.

“The results of the ballot initiatives clearly showcase that support for adult-use marijuana legalization extends across geographic and party lines and is supported by a majority of Americans. Legal marijuana is becoming the American norm,” he added. “This will likely increase pressure on Congress to pass major federal marijuana reform in the very near future.”

Over the coming months, Congress is set to take on several key cannabis issues, including allowing banks to interact with cannabis companies without fear of federal actions (SAFE Banking Act). Another bill (The STATES Act) would allow states to legalize cannabis without risk of federal interaction. And The MORE Act would remove cannabis from the federal The Controlled Substance Act.

American Premium Water (OTC: HIPH) is a diversified luxury consumer products company focused on businesses in the health and beauty and biotech sectors. The company is focused on harnessing the powers of Nano technologies paired without cannabidiol (CBD) to treat health disorders and enhance quality of life. The company’s portfolio includes the LALPINA Hydro and LALPINA CBD brands ( and plant + body essentials (

American Premium Water strives in providing only the highest quality CBD sources for its products, with quality control being one of our first and foremost focuses. The Company aims for this standard not only for compliance reasons, but also to provide our customers the highest quality product possible.

The company began selling CBD infused topical products in Thailand under the brands plant + body essentials ( and American Premium. Thailand will represent the first international distribution of the Company’s American Premium brand of products that were launched in July with Jack Brewer. The first batch of products will be shipped out before the end of the year.

American Premium Water Corporation CEO Ryan Fishoff stated, “I am thrilled to announce that the Company’s products will be soon sold in Thailand. With legalization regime underway in the country, the Company is excited to be at the forefront of the of the CBD industry in one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia. Thailand will also be the first international country where we will be launching our American Premium brand of CBD topical products. We feel that the American Premium brand has a lot of potential internationally; it connects to consumers that the US has been the main innovator in CBD technology. Making this connection to foreign consumers is important, and we think the ‘American Premium’ brand encapsulates this. In addition to topical balms, we will also be debuting a pain relief topical spray derived from our proprietary nano-formulation. Topicals are just the beginning of our program in Thailand; as the local laws permit, we look forward to expanding our product offerings to beverages in 2020.

“The Company has made international expansion one of its core priorities in 2019. As we announced earlier this year, the Company has been engaged in discussions with distributors across the globe. Thailand is another country in our growing international network of distribution and it won’t be the last. The Company is presently engaged in discussions with a number of other distributors across the globe. As I have said from the beginning of the year, I feel that the worldwide opportunity in the CBD space is too large to ignore, especially with our unique technology. The combination of our burgeoning worldwide distribution network and cutting edge nano technology separates us from our peers. As we look towards 2020, we are moving full speed ahead with an emphasis on product development and distribution expansion. We are about to unveil new products utilizing our proprietary technology that take advantage of new customer trends, including the pain-relief spray that I mentioned. While the Company adjusts to the regulatory environment, we are moving fast to take advantage of distribution opportunities both domestically and internationally. It has taken longer than I would have liked, but the Company is making progress in executing its business plan; our announcement today is one small feather to add to the cap. As we head into 2020, there are more agreements both internationally and domestically on the way. I look forward to keeping shareholders updated about our progress with these developments as soon as I am able to,” concluded Mr. Fishoff.