The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to light a few penny stocks: (OPTI) Optec International, Inc., (LRSV) LinkResPet (ADMQ) ADM Endeavors Inc. and (SSET) Starstream Entertainment, Inc.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the global economy to levels not seen in years, but it has also brought to light a few OTC penny stocks.  Penny stocks have proven time and again to be outstanding profit vehicles for short-term investors.  

On October 30, 2020 Optec International, Inc.  (OTC: OPTI) entered into a definitive agreement with a large International Commodities Consortium for the supply and distribution of specific brands of personal protection equipment (PPE) for medical & hospital use throughout North America, totaling in excess of $2 billion dollars U.S.. The agreement has been fully executed by the company and the buyer, along with proof bank certified funds to complete the transaction in excess of $2 billion dollars U.S..  The company, OPTEC International, has already sourced and secured the products for the entire agreement along with coordinating the logistics portion of the agreement. The product distribution is expected to be fully completed by December, 2020.

As sales of pet products have continued to increase globally, LinkResPet (OTC: LRSV) stock is one to watch.  The kind of attention being gained by (LRSV) isn’t unusual for a company in the pet product sector.  Companies like (NYSE: CHWY) carry and sell many pet products like the ones made by LinkResPet. has had explosive growth in sales especially through online distributors such as Amazon (NASD: AMZN).  Over the last few years, more money has been spent on pets because pets are becoming more like family members in the household especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.  LinkResPet’s product line is non-toxic, all natural, THC and GMO free.  The American Veterinarian Association reports that there is an emerging trend of pet owners using CBD products to treat pets symptoms such as: nausea, seizures, anxiety, arthritis and even cancer.   While CBD products are meant to tackle a variety of issues, there is also an emphasis in promoting homeostasis in the body and improving the animal’s overall wellness. While the market for CBD pet care is expanding in the US exponentially, Europe has relatively few providers, leaving the market open with opportunities which is a good sign for (LRSV) since it’s based out of the U.K..  (LRSV) has recently updated filings to go current with OTC Markets, leading many to believe that the company has completed some long-term projects.

ADM Endeavors Inc. (OTC: ADMQ): CEO owns 50.8% of all and outstanding shares.  If the CEO is buying company stock, it can be a sign that the stock is undervalued and as we all know an insider buying is usually an unambiguous signal about how he feels about his company.  Insider buying can be an encouraging sign for potential investors when markets face uncertainty.  ADM Endeavors Inc. (ADMQ) recently announced that the Company’s CEO, Marc Johnson, has privately purchased 17,160,000 common shares out of the Company’s public float.  Mr. Johnson stated: “As a continued indication of my belief in our company, I have purchased an additional 17,160,000 common shares out of the public float. Due to the purchase, those shares are now affiliate shares and are restricted.”  Mr. Johnson continued, “I have disclosed these additional stock acquisitions in my Securities and Exchange Commission Form 4 filings.”  Mr. Johnson now beneficially owns 81,696,833 restricted shares of common stock, out of a total of 160,902,143 shares of common stock issued and outstanding, equating to 50.8% of all issued and outstanding shares of common stock being beneficially owned by the Company’s CEO.  The Company now has approximately 41,110,000 free trading common shares in the public float.

 While people worldwide have been spending more time at home now than ever before, entertainment businesses are preparing for record numbers to come back to their businesses as people are eager to get back to what they enjoyed doing before the pandemic began.  

Starstream Entertainment, Inc. (OTC: SSET) is a low floater hitting many radars with a tight and stable 16 million share float.  Recent news suggests that business is up 145% in 2020 and a Friday filing hit the Nevada SOS that hints at a SPAC and merger.  The Company’s business strategy is to focus on event staffing and brand building for high profile clients through our subsidiary, Facetime Consulting and Promotions LLC (“FCP”).  The primary placements that FCP makes are to companies in the consumer goods industry.  FCP is positioning itself to become a cornerstone of the event marketing industry by partnering with not only individual workers but with companies throughout the industry. FCP works with clients to maximize brand messaging.


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